Health AI

What is HealthAI™?

HealthAI™ provides integrated, real time, analytic and business intelligence tools needed to assess performance, measure improvement and move the needle across a range of financial, clinical and quality measures. Real-time and drill down capabilities, in plain language formats, allows for quick hypothesis testing and analysis by managers and teams.

Reporting with HealthAI™

Reporting with Health AI allows for presenting information in a highly customizable fashion. Through Health AI, data can be mined directly from the data warehouse and refreshed in real time to track changes/process/improvements. Managers can choose measures most critical to their programs; while clinicians receive weekly status dashboards helpful with managing caseloads, tracking annual performance contracts and supervising measurable objective. Executive staff have the capability to track key performance indicators and further analyze areas where data suggests potential problem areas. Projections are also easily created and stratified and reports to stakeholders are easily created; reflecting information of interest.




  • Reliable performance metrics
  • Data- driven feedback
  • Improvement monitoring
  • Automated performance notices

Population Health

  • Stratification
  • Utilization
  • Cost per patient and episode of care
  • Patient outcomes/experience


  • Tracking outcomes
  • EMR-based measures
  • Average length of stay
  • Readmission rates


  • Revenue by service and/or payer
  • Calculating impact of rate changes
  • Value-based and at- risk contract analysis

Organizational Management

  • Dashboards for agency, programs and staff
  • Hypothesis testing in real time
  • Analyzing cause/effect


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