Meridian’s Children’s Summer Program Provides Crucial Services

The 2020 Summer Program was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Children’s Summer Program features group and individual treatment designed to teach children skills for success, such as how to understand and manage their emotions, interacting appropriately with others, and problem-solving. The program also incorporates games, group activities, and field trips to practice these skills under the guidance of a masters-level therapist.

Meridian’s Children’s Summer Program improves psychosocial functioning and enhances pro-social behavior among attendees. The eight-week program is held mid-June through early August each year and is offered at no cost to families. This year’s program is being held in partnership with local schools in Levy and Hamilton Counties.

“The Hamilton County School District (HCSD) is extremely grateful for the continued support of Meridian Behavioral Healthcare,” said HCSD Clinical Education Trainer, Christopher Combass. “During these unprecedented times, mental health services for students and families are needed more than ever.  Throughout the past few weeks, Meridian’s therapists have been instrumental in working with students through their Children’s Summer Program to build resiliency and essential coping skills,” continued Combass.  

The Children’s Summer Program has been well received by both parents and students. One student said, “I get along better with my friends than I used to, and I don’t get mad as easily as I used to.”

“I have no doubt that this summer program will have a positive impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of our stakeholders as we move into the upcoming school year,” said Combass.

Although enrollment for the 2021 Children’s Summer Program has ended, Meridian also provides a wide-range of services to meet the therapeutic needs of children and adults throughout the year. For more information, please visit

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