LifeStream Behavioral Center Awarded $1.6 million

To Expand Wellness Integration Network

LifeStream Behavioral Center has received a $1.6 million grant from The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service’s Administration (SAMHSA) to fund the development of its second Wellness Integration Network, WIN II.

LifeStream is a behavioral health and social services organization providing a full continuum of care to the residents of Lake and Sumter Counties.

LifeStream’s embrace of integrated healthcare began in 2010 with the awarding by SAMHSA of a grant to establish their initial Wellness Integration Network (WIN) in North Lake County. Over the four years of the grant, the award winning WIN Clinic has served as a health home to over 1,000 consumers with severe mental illness and/or a substance use disorder. Through the provision of primary care, wellness and health promotion services, embedded nurse care managers, integrated behavioral health care services and a growing partnership with over a dozen community health care providers and human service organizations, the Clinic succeeded in reducing hospitalization and improving overall health outcome for many of North Lake County’s seriously mentally ill population. The clinic has enabled consumers to improve their overall health and quality of life, while at the same time mitigating common risk factors and reducing hospital stays.

The WIN Clinic has received numerous awards, including being recognized by the Florida Hospital Association as one of fourteen community benefit programs in 2013 and was awarded the Community Benefit Program of the year. LifeStream was also recognized as a leader within the SAMHSA learning community with regard to integrated care and has served as an expert in program development to other agencies implementing integrated care. LifeStream has been recognized by the State of Florida as an agency that understands and promotes integrated and patient centered care.

The SAMHSA grant will enable LifeStream to establish a second integrated health care program to the densely populated areas of South Lake County. The goal of the Wellness Integration Network II (WIN II) clinic is to provide an integrated system of care that addresses the needs of the whole person (body and mind). The project will target adults with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorder who do not have a relationship with a primary care provider or other health home and who have had a history of repeated hospitalizations or involvement with the criminal justice system, or are returning veterans or their families.

WIN II will be located at LifeStream’s South Lake Outpatient Clinic, next to South Lake Hospital in Clermont. Clinic space will be shared with South Lake Hospital’s Free Clinic. WIN II consumers will be able to access the many free wellness and health education programs offered by South Lake Hospital, and many of the referral sources, specialists and diagnostic facilities that the Free Clinic has developed.

David Braughton, LifeStream’s Chief Operational Officer, who oversees the existing WIN Clinic, will also be overseeing the WIN II Clinic. Mr. Braughton is leading agency efforts to expand integrated care and establish LifeStream as a health home for its consumers.

SAMHSA awards grants, such as this Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration grant, through a competitive application and review process. LifeStream is proud to have received this grant and excited about the opportunity to further serve our consumers as a health home.

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